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The SmartBox is an educational system that enhances the Learning experience for all children.


  • We are responsive and supportive.

  • We are dedicated to students’ success.

  • We provide students the highest quality of learning and service.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower all students (ages 4-12) by providing a positive environment where they can master the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.

Our Main Goal

Our main goal is to inspire students to become one with their tutors. This relationship in turn, builds the student’s confidence, and encourages independent learners prepared to meet academic and personal challenges. The SmartBox promises to deliver a service that will enhance the learning of every student to allow them to succeed in the present while preparing them for the future.

Benefits of using SmartBox services:


  • Student attitude and behavior will improve and self-esteem will be enhanced.

  • Student achievement and motivation for learning will increase.

  • Appropriate student behavior will be modeled and reinforced.

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